コズミック・ウーマン Cosmic Woman

【ジャミロクワイ】 ハーフ・ザ・マン "Half The Man" (1994)



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... " Yesterday I was Half the man I used to be ... maybe that's because You're the other half of me. 💕Yesterday was Brighter than the morning sun 💥 ... Now he is lost 😔 And lonely days have just begun A solitary chair For a silent love affair A king lost his throne And now he a lonely .🖤 _________________________________#LyricFind ✨Half the man✨Beautiful song To the love and a dead twin brother 🙏 🖤♡ So adorable memory, beautiful capture ... ... looks So young As fragile as a girl, Jay Kay so cute boy with her beautiful long hair of yesteryear 🤗💕Jay Kay you will always be the child , of my eyes 🙏 💕😔 ✨☝️... 👬 Legend has it that David his twin never died and that in reality there have always been two people. myth or reality you decide , ☝️and remember ; never create anything and always question everything. #vintage #jaykay #jamiroquai #jaysmuseum #memories💕

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コズミック・ウーマン Cosmic Woman
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